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This latest image has been in the works for the past 7 months. As we have all gone through the challenging time of the pandemic I have reflected a lot on how the Savior had trials of his own. One that really came to my mind was from a day on the shores by the sea.

During the day the Savior had taught and miraculously feed the five thousand on the hillside, but as evening approached the Lord dismissed the crowds and sent them on their way. After the crowds were dispersed the Savior helped the disciples load into a boat and he pushed them toward Capernaum, their next port. He instructed them that he wanted some time to be alone and pray as is recorded in Matthew 14: 22 - 23.

Much had transpired that day and the Savior was most likely contemplating the beheading of his cousin and good friend John The Baptist. The weight of his calling would have been ever more evident on him with the death of John The Baptist. He knew there was so much more for him to do and he wanted to be alone to gather his emotions and thoughts in a private way.

With the disciples at sea, the Savior walked along the shore of The Sea of Galilee. There, not far from the shore he finds a mound that is slightly elevated, a spot where the sand was soft and he got down on his knees to speak with his Father in Heaven.

As usual; every time the Savior calls down additional power from heaven the adversary try’s to interrupt, to intercede in any way that he can. In this case Satan gathers the winds and the weather together, and he brings forth a great storm. As the clouds begin to billow, and a fierce storm begins to form, the Savior continues his prayer in complete serenity.

With no fear of the impending storm the Lord discusses with his Father his thoughts and desires. Looking closely you can see and almost feel the purpose of the clouds. They are there to sow destruction and supplant the intentions of the Savior. The cloud swirls around as if to focus directly on the Savior, and yet the Savior continues to pray.

There is great contrast in the sky, adversity on one side and calm on the other. The clouds directly behind the Savior are gentle and soft, peaceful in their own way, just as the Savior is and as we can be when we are behind him. A peace that comes from know the Master, acknowledging his power, and knowing who is in control of all things.

Sometimes in life the storms billow up in the distance when we walk with Good some days it alters the storm for our benefit, and other days we have to walk straight into it but he is still there to lead us, guide us and give us peace and re-assurance that all is in his hands.

Photo copyright and credit Greg P Sargent.

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