About Greg...


I suppose it’s mostly about the twists and turns of life that have brought me to the point where I’m at now. While I have always loved to draw and sketch things, it never occurred to me sharing what I liked to do would open up so many new opportunities, but life can be funny that way. As we follow our passions were are taken on some incredible journeys. I was never a student of an accredited art school, I have however exploring art in my own way, doing what I like for a long long time. Trying to capture that moment in time, harnessing the feelings of the moment so that they can be shared over and over.

My career started out on Wall Street, then I had the opportunity of going on a rather long adventure with a young company called Apple Computer. As Steve Jobs' often used to tell us "our journey was our reward", and in a way it really was.

For over twenty years I have explored life though the lense of my camera shooting commercially for Getty Images and iStock. In addition to shooting with my camera I often create digital compositions as a way to bring the un-real or the unseen to life using my computer. Then at other times I simply use the screen as my pallet to paint images digitally.

As requests for my work have grown, I decided that I needed a way to automate the selection process. Hence, my website was born. I tried to create a place to show my work and provide a way for those who are interested to gather more information. Images found within the religious fine art gallery, as well as the images of nature gallery are available for purchase. If you see something that you like contact me and I will try to help you out. .

Let me know the name of the image and the approximate size that you might want and I will get back to you on options and pricing.

Thank you for your visit today.